We care about the safety of our clients and our city. We have been fogging many facilities with an antimicrobial agent that lives on the surface 30-90 days. We use a product called RAZOR & we have the equipment to fog entire areas so that all areas are protected. We offer quotes for this service based on the square footage of areas.

We also are offering services to wipe clean all high touch points, door handles, knobs, doors, levers, light switches, refrigerator & microwave handles, keyboards, phones, handrails.

Here's some info about the product we use...

Disinfectants kill a multitude of harmful microbes. RAZOR is a one of a kind Residual Antimicrobial Coating. Unlike harsh cleaners and disinfectants that leach to kill, the technology in RAZOR inhibits the growth of microbes through a mechanical process and is durable enough to last for months on surfaces! Fog application techniques provide complete coverage